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Family Law



James McConvill & Associates advises on all aspects of family law, and our lawyers have an immense amount of experience in family law court proceedings and in resolving disputes outside of court. We regularly assist clients with:

law council
  • Preparing and interpreting Parenting Plans;
  • Preparing and finalising consent orders dealing with parenting and/or property matters;
  • Preparation and review and finalising Binding Financial Agreements (at any stage of a relationship) and Child Support Agreements;
  • Location and recovery order proceedings;
  • Roundtable mediation;
  • Legal questions relating to de facto and same-sex relationships;
  • Divorce Applications;
  • Representation for enforcement issues/ family law court order contravention proceedings ;
  • Child passport issues, Airport Watch List and Hague Convention matters (concerning when a child is taken overseas);
  • Applying for/ Responding to Family Violence Intervention Orders in Court.