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A law firm servicing clients in Cowes and the surrounding area.
Services We Offer

James McConvill & Associates is committed to employing down-to-earth lawyers that geniunely want to help you, and who have a love for the law and a passion for the Cowes and the surrounding area.

Family Law



James McConvill & Associates advises on all aspects of family law, and our lawyers have an immense amount of experience in family law court proceedings and in resolving disputes outside of court. read more

Wills and Probate Law



James McConvill & Associates can help you take steps to ensure your testamentary wishes are implemented and honoured. read more

Litigation & Dispute Resolution



Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team assists across a range of contentious matters, from contesting a will to advising on substantial disputes over business contracts.  read more

Business Law



We advise small and medium-sized businesses on general commercial law and corporate law matters. We have particular expertise in drafting and advising on trade contracts, shareholder agreements, distribution agreements, sale and purchase agreements, company constitutions and company resolutions.  read more

Criminal Law



Facing a criminal charge can be a stressful and daunting prospect. James McConvill & Associates has the expertise, experience and professional resources to reach out and help you in your time of need. read more

Employment Law



We run a broad Employment Law practice, in association with an expert team consulting to us. read more